Detonating the potential of Green Hydrogen

On September 23rd, 2021, the Energy Agency of the State of Puebla (AEEP) in collaboration with the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP), the GIZ Supporting the energy transition in Mexico (TrEM) Program and the energy consulting firm Hinicio, celebrated the event “Puebla: Detonating the potential of Green Hydrogen from the Local Level”.

The event began with the presentation of key facts contained in the study "Green Hydrogen in Mexico: The potential for transformation" developed by the EP and TrEM  in coordination with Hinicio. The speakers shared the great potential of green hydrogen in Mexico, as well as the interest of public, private and academic sectors to foster its use and efficient utilization. Additionally, they highlighted the key role of the energy vector to meet international climate commitments, besides offering big opportunities to generate local jobs.

Afterwards, the AEEP presented the report "10 questions to understand hydrogen and why it is an opportunity for the state of Puebla", to reflect on the potential of hydrogen for the state and on the strategic importance of the existing energy infrastructure, as well as the availability of renewable sources. Furthermore, the relevance of the state plans for sustainability and decarbonization of the industrial sector were emphasized.

With this event, the EP enhances the collaboration with the Mexican energy sector in order to boost the subnational energy transition based on new technologies and vectors, such as green hydrogen.


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Contact: William Jensen-Díaz (william.jensen(at)

Rodrigo Osorio (Director of the Energy Agency of the State of Puebla), Olivia Salomón (Ministry of Economy of the State of Puebla) and Ronald Münch (Head of Economic and Global Affairs of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mexico)

William Jensen (GIZ) and Jorge Luis Hinojosa (Hinicio)

William Jensen (GIZ) presenting the uses of green hydrogen

William Jensen (GIZ) presenting the potential for Mexico

Jorge Luis Hinojosa (Hinicio) explaining policy and regulations regarding green hydrogen