Energy Subsidies in Germany and Mexico


At the leaders’ summit in Pittsburgh, USA, in 2009, G20 members committed themselves to the medium-term elimination of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies (IFFS), citing that “inefficient fossil fuel subsidies encourage wasteful consumption, reduce our energy security, impede investment in clean energy sources and undermine efforts to deal with the threat of climate change.”

In order to deliver on this commitment, it was agreed to undergo a voluntary peer-review process regarding the reduction of IFFS. After China and the USA as the first countries to engage in peer reviews and finishing their reports in 2016, Mexico and Germany declared themselves willing to be subject to the next round.

The report shortly explains the process of a voluntary peer-review and outlines details of the efforts undertaken by both Germany and Mexico to progressively reduce IFFS.

The report is available in Spanish and can as well be found on the OECD’s repository.

Download the report here.