What is Blockchain Technology and how can it contribute to the Energy Transition?

Mexico. – On March 31, 2022, the German – Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) participated in the “5th Energy Encounter” organized by the Nuevo León Energy Cluster with a presentation entitled “Blockchain in the Mexican Energy Sector”.

On the fourth day of the encounter, where the EP participated, matters related to innovation and energy were addressed to promote the involvement and exchange of knowledge between the academic, public, and private sectors.

In the session, the EP presented its study: “Blockchain in the Mexican Energy Sector: Fostering digital transformation” presenting the main findings, the analysis of the potential impacts of Blockchain technology for the Mexican energy sector, its disruptive qualities, and direct effects to boost the major trends in the energy sector: decarbonization, digitalization and decentralization.

Among the main key findings identified in the study, it was highlighted that blockchain is a strategic technology for the Energy Transition; since currently it is providing traceability and transparency; trust between the various actors involved; and, self-executing finance and payments, among other notions in the business models where it is being implemented in the energy sector.  

Due to the above, the EP fosters the adoption of disruptive digital technologies in the Mexican energy sector through the dissemination of its benefits and challenges so that different stakeholders in the sector have the necessary information that allows them to decide if Blockchain is a profitable option to adopt for them and their context.

With its participation, the EP secretariat strengthens cooperation and knowledge exchange with civil society organizations.

To download the study: Blockchain_en_el_Sector_Energético_Mexicano.pdf (energypartnership.mx)

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Marco Huels (marco.huels(at)giz.de)

Sofía Medina (sofia.medinavazquez(at)giz.de)

Participants in the session: "Blockchain in the Mexican energy sector"

Slide presented by GIZ to explain the Blockchain technology.