Collaborating towards the exchange of knowledge and experiences in Energy Management Systems

On January 27th, 2021, the Collaboration Agreement between the Energy Agency of the State of Veracruz and GIZ Mexico was signed. The purpose of said Agreement is to enhance the knowledge and experience exchange regarding sustainable energy systems and generate capacities for the benefit of the state of Veracruz and Mexico. Representatives from the Ministry of Economic and Port Development (SEDECOP), the Veracruz State Energy Agency (AEEV) and GIZ Mexico participated in the event, where they emphasized the importance of cooperation and the incorporation of sustainability criteria in the policy-making process.

The signing of this Agreement contemplates the implementation of a planning instrument aligned with different policies from the state of Veracruz , allowing the promotion of the energy transition. Joaquín Galindo, on behalf of Secretary Enrique Nachón from SEDECOP, emphasized that the agreement "expresses the spirit of cooperation and willingness to help the citizens of Veracruz”.

As a result of the activity, the programs and projects developed by the AEEV in collaboration with GIZ will establish a working program in line with the priorities of Veracruz to allow the knowledge and experiences exchange in the field of Energy Management Systems (EMS); energy efficiency in buildings; distributed generation; business models and financial mechanisms. It will also enable conversations regarding communication, and capacity building at the local level to accomplish the energy transition.

While participating in the activities derived from the Agreement, the German - Mexican Energy Partnership, contributes to the discussion in Mexico about recent developments in the energy sector to promote the global energy transition.

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