LATAM: dialogues and potentials of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem

On the margins of the fifth edition of the festival “SET Tech Festival 2021 Start Up Energy Transition” organized by the German Energy Agency (dena) in cooperation with the World Energy Council (WEC), on October 20, 2021, the Secretariat of the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) moderated a virtual panel with the aim of discussing the innovation and energy entrepreneurship ecosystem in Latin America. 

The festival was born from the idea that in order to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary to work together, foster cooperative dialogue and connect key stakeholders in political, economic and civil society spheres to achieve feasible innovative solutions. To achieve this objective, the SET platform recognizes innovation as a key pillar, since it is through innovation that the world energy industry undergoes a transformation.

With the above information in mind, the EP and the global Energy Partnerships project organized a discussion forum on the challenges and opportunities to propitiate the acceleration of the energy transition by boosting energy startups. The conversation focused on the infrastructure and ecosystems of entrepreneurship and innovation for Latin America, delving into the challenges and opportunities to transform the reality of the region.

With the moderation, EP facilitates the dialogue regarding the sustainable development of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem to enhance the energiewende.


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Contact: Francisco Contreras (francisco.contreras(at)

Rainer Sauer, Rosario B. Casas, Rafael Lorenzo Piñón, Pamela Valdivia and Francisco Contreras (GIZ)