Promoting the best Mexican energy entrepreneurship ventures with a positive social impact

Mexico. - On February 18th, 2022, the closing ceremony of the "INC Tech & Social Impact Energy Challenge" implemented by INCmty, Siemens Energy Mexico and the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) took. The aim of the challenge was to propitiate the design, development, and adoption of innovative technological solutions with a positive impact on several social aspects proposed by Mexican energy startups and entrepreneurs to pave the way for the transformation of the Mexican energy sector and enhance the global energy transition.

Before the closing session, twelve initiatives were selected to participate in a boot camp to strengthen their entrepreneurship in the energy sector with networking activities, mentoring sessions, and keynote presentations with relevant energy stakeholders such as Tahar Kechrid representing dena (German Energy Agency) who gave a talk about "Opportunities for internationalization and the international perspective on the energy sector". The boot camp process concluded with the evaluation and selection of six energy initiatives that went to the finals.

The closing ceremony began with the presentation of the final pitches of the initiatives in the category of energy projects with MVP and continued with the presentation of the final pitches of the initiatives in the startup category. During the final evaluation, the EP Secretariat participated together with specialists from Siemens Energy Mexico, Climate Initiative Mexico, Women's Energy Network and MIP Consultants to evaluate the business model, disruptive technology, level of innovation, potential of social impact and indicators to promote gender equality. 

To conclude the challenge, the winning initiatives were presented. In the MVP category, Yipi Minimovilidad Sustentable was awarded first place. In the startup category, first place went to ATOM Innovatec and second place to ENERYOU.

With its participation, the EP enhances the strengthening of the entrepreneurial ecosystem for innovation and the transformation of the Mexican energy sector.

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The winner initiatives being told they had won the challenge.

Tahar Kerchid (dena) giving a presentation on internationalization opportunities.

Participants of the INC Tech and Social Impact Energy Challenge.

Evaluation committee for the award ceremony.