Latin America Energy Week: “Shaping the Future of Energy”

In the margins of the online forum Latin America Energy Week “Shaping the Future of Energy”, organized by Siemens Energy from June 22nd to 24th, 2021; the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) participated in the third day of the forum, “Transforming the energy landscape in Latin America” with a panel titled “Advancing the energy transition through co- creation and innovations focused on the future”.

 Generally, the event approached the challenges that the energy industry currently faces when they build new sustainable, trustworthy and affordable energy systems. In this sense, the participation of the EP, with its participation in the panel, focused on the importance of cooperation between the public sector (at national and subnational level), the private sector (consolidated companies and startups), civil society, academia, and international actors to promote innovation throughout society and achieve inclusive solutions in the energy sector.

Since globally there is a necessity to fight climate change, the EP coordinator Marco Hüls underlined that despite the differences the energy sector has in each country, we can gain knowledge from national experiences to contribute to the global energy transition. For this, it is key to open the dialogue to exchange experiences and practices of each country, and thereby achieve a fast and effective world decarbonization.

Finally, Hüls stressed the importance of promoting gender equality along with the energy transition, due to the social and economic benefits that the incorporation of women into the sector would entail.

Marco Hüls (GIZ) and Orlando Baquero (Latin American Association)

Javier Cavada (Highview Power), Marco Hüls (GIZ), Raúl Monteforte (Fermaca Global), Vinod Philip (Siemens Energy), Dieter Femfert (Cryoinfra Mexico) and Orlando Baquero (Latin American Association)