Collaboration at the subnational level on green hydrogen

Mexico. - On January 26th the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) participated in the event "Hydrogen in Mexico", organized by the Energy Cluster of Nuevo Leon. The objective of the event was to showcase the potential for green hydrogen in Mexico associated with the country's solar photovoltaic power generation capacity.

William Jensen, EP advisor, presented the study "Green hydrogen in Mexico: towards a decarbonization of the economy" where he addressed affairs about the national and global context of hydrogen, and the opportunities it could represent for energy companies in Mexico. 

During the event, the successful collaboration between the government of Nuevo León and the EP to develop a new study at subnational level to analyze the capacity for the production and use of green hydrogen to decarbonize the industry in Nuevo Leon was presented.

Finally, the roundtable closed with a dialogue between stakeholders from private, academic and governmental sectors who discussed green hydrogen pilot projects, the promotion and regulatory capacity of green hydrogen, production costs and the potential environmental and social impacts associated with the production of the vector.

With its participation, the EP promotes the dialogue between governmental, academic and private sectors on green hydrogen to enhance the energy transition at the subnational level.

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William Jensen-Díaz (GIZ) presenting the study on green hydrogen