Collaborating to enhance entrepreneurship, innovation and social impact in the energy sector

  • During the dialogues, a cross-cutting gender perspective was maintained to promote an equitable and accessible energy transition that will enable more women entrepreneurs to increase their participation with disruptive and sustainable tools.

Mexico. - During INCmty 2021, the largest festival of innovative entrepreneurship in Latin America, which was celebrated on November 8th, 9th and 10th, the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) participated and supported three events with the aim of disseminating key information about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mexico and enhancing innovative solutions in the energy sector that counteract climate change and have a positive social impact.

On one hand, during three sessions, the EP, together with representatives of Siemens Energy Mexico and INCmty, announced the upcoming joint launch of the "Inc Tech and Social Impact Energy Challenge", for which they discussed the importance of migrating to sustainable ventures with social approaches to build a decarbonized future accessible to all and that puts society at the center of the discussion.

With this type of event and collaborations, the EP seeks to increase its social impact in all public and social spheres, including entrepreneurs with sustainable proposals that promote improvements in the quality of life of the population and the environment.

Specifically, they discussed the importance of seeking solutions that use disruptive technologies as a tool for innovation in the mexican energy sector that, in addition to counteracting climate change, provide tangible, measurable and analyzable social benefits in the long term, propitiating transformation processes.

Likewise, in the discussion spaces, an elemental component that was highlighted among the representatives was the inclusion of a gender perspective with the objective of generating value and establishing equal capabilities and opportunities for all people to accelerate a just and inclusive global energy transition with a growth that is distributed in an equitable manner.

On the other hand, the advisor of the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMEXA) Garret Maack, presented the key findings of the study "Entrepreneurship and Energy in Mexico: The Potential for Transformation", developed in conjunction with the AE. In his presentation, Maack focused on the challenges and opportunities of the entrepreneurship ecosystem for startups in the mexican energy sector. He concluded his participation, highlighting the benefits that startups provide by being a source of economic growth for a country and fostering a culture of innovation.

With its participation in INCmty 2021, which was held virtually on this occasion, the EP strengthens its collaboration with the private sector, academia and the entrepreneurial community to propitiate knowledge and solutions that foster and enhance the energy transition at a global level.


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Contact: Francisco Contreras (francisco.contreras(at)

Alberto Moreno (INCmty), José Miguel Bejarano (Siemens Energy), Francisco Contreras (GIZ), Dulce Guevara (ANES) and Itzel Soria (Siemens Energy)

Garret Maack (CAMEXA)

Garret Maack (CAMEXA)

Francisco Contreras (GIZ), Josué Delgado(INCmty), José Miguel Bejarano (Siemens Energy) and Itzel Soria (Siemens Energy)

Marco Hüls (GIZ) being interviewed