Innovation and technology: Shaping the future of the Mexican energy sector

On the 23rd of July 2020 , Marita Brömmelmeier, Director of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Mexico and José Miguel Aparicio, president and CEO of Siemens Energy Mexico, signed a Collaboration Agreement to promote cooperation between public and private organizations, civil society and academia to accelerate the energy transition in Mexico and strengthen international cooperation between Germany and Mexico.

The German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP), an initiative implemented by the GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi), and the Innovation Office of Siemens Energy in Mexico will be responsible for implementing the processes and activities derived from the execution of the agreement.

Through the Collaboration Agreement both organizations aim at the transformation of the Mexican energy sector, while fostering the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Three work fields have been defined to successfully implement the activities derived from the agreement: first, the contextualization of disruptive technologies, where the generation and exchange of specialized knowledge and revolutionary ideas on the application of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and hydrogen, will be addressed; second, social impact, where a strategic plan will be developed to create energy projects with a positive impact on the most vulnerable populations; and, third, leadership in decarbonization, where forums will be organized to analyze the importance of innovative technologies and their role in the generation of a reliable energy mix.

Once the agreement was signed, José Aparicio and Marita Brömmelmeier reflected on the importance of strengthening the cooperation between public and private organizations to foster the global energy transition. They also pointed out the relevance of technological innovations to provide reliable, accessible and sustainable energy to the Mexican society.

Marco Hüls, Coordinator of the EP, emphasized the strong ties of friendship and collaboration between Mexico and Germany. He also reconfirmed the role of the Partnership as the most relevant platform for dialogue and exchange on energy policy between the two countries.

Participants and attendees to the signing ceremony expressed their interest and excitement about the upcoming results of the collaboration between the EP and Siemens Energy Mexico. They all agreed on the importance of the development of new technologies and innovations for the transformation of the Mexican energy sector and their relevance for the creation of public and social value, energy efficiency and security, and access to energy.

The EP and Siemens Energy Mexico will now begin with the implementation of the Collaboration Agreement. Various processes and activities will be set in motion to achieve the objective both organizations have agreed on.


Francisco Contreras


Ursula Borak, Deputy Director General, German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Marita Brömmelmeier, Director, GIZ Mexico

José Aparicio, President & CEO, Siemens Energy Mexico

Marco Hüls, Coordinator, German-Mexican Energy Partnership, GIZ

Vinod Philip, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Siemens Energy

Marita Brömmelmeier, Director, GIZ Mexico and José Aparicio, CEO, Siemens Energy Mexico