A celebration of two years of Energy Partnership

On September, 3rd, more than 100 stakeholders from companies, academics, civil society as well as Mexican and German authorities got together at the cultural heritage of "Hacienda de los Morales" in Mexico-City to celebrate the common achievements of the first two years of the German-Mexican Energy Partnership as well as to strengthen the links between the relevant public and private sector actors. 

Trudy Könemund, Coordinator of the Energy-Cluster at GIZ Mexico, welcomed attendance, mentioning that the Energy Partnership has become an important player in the energy sector collaboration. Before introducing the other speakers she also emphasized that the GIZ is glad to operate the Energy Partnership secretariat on behalf of the two countries.

In his opening remarks Guillermo Garcia, President of the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), underlined that the cooperation with Mexico has further strengthened the capacities and the technological development of Mexico. 

Both the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER) agreed that the best way for addressing global challenges is international and bilateral cooperation. Undersecretary Leonardo Beltrán (SENER) highlighted that the Energy Partnership between the two countries is a great place for mutual learning and exchange of experience on how to increase energy efficiency or deploying renewable energy technologies. His remarks were followed by Michael Leibrandt, Deputy Head of Division (BMWi), stating that the "Energiewende" and energy transitions taking place globaly make economic sense, becoming an argument for international competitiveness.  

Among the distiguished guests were representatives from the German Embassy, Mexican authorities such as SENER, SE, SHCP, SEMARNAT, CRE, CENACE, CONUEE and well as civil society and private sector actors like Siemens, CEMEX, CFE, Enercon, Enlight, BASF, DEA or Geff GmbH.

Thank you to everyone who attended our 1st "Energy Partnership Summer Reception", see below for some impressions and keep an eye out for our upcoming events.


From left to right: Guillermo García, President (CRE), Nicole David, Director General (SENER), Michael Leibrandt, Deputy Head of Division (BMWi), Trudy Könemund, Cluster Coordinator (GIZ), Leonardo Beltrán, Undersecretary (SENER), and Josche Muth, Coordinator German-Mexican Energy Partnership (GIZ).

Trudy Könemund, Energy Cluster Coordinator (GIZ).

Guillermo García, President Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

Leonardo Beltrán, Undersecretary for Energy Planning and Energy Transition (SENER).

Michael Leibrandt, Deputy Head of Divison (BMWi).