The Energy Partnership

Germany and Mexico decided to further enhance and deepen their successful energy sector collaboration by establishing the bilateral Energy Partnership. This format enables an exchange of best practices and experiences between key stakeholders, aiming to address common challenges, such as climate change, the provision of technological and economic viable solutions for the success of the energy transition.

Solar PV parc in Santa Rosalia, Mexico

To implement the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP), both countries signed a Joint Declaration of Intent. Both countries agreed to establish a High-Level Steering Group and to set-up a secretariat with full-time advisors in Berlin and Mexico City. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) was commissioned with the implementation of the EP.

The secretariat serves as a point of contact and coordination regarding the activities of the bilateral Energy Partnership.

In September 2017, the second meeting of the High-Level Steering Group took place. Both parties agreed on focusing the EP’s 2017-2018 activities on: power markets; Integrating variable renewable energy sources (vRES); Enhancing energy efficiency in the industry; Increasing information and transparency in the fossil fuel sector; and supporting the German-Mexican energy cooperation in the international scene.

Our Experts

Fabian Barsky

Advisor, Mexico, Mexico-City


Adriana Aragón Tapia

Adriana Aragón Tapia

Coordinator, Mexico, Mexico-City


Stephan Franz

Stephan Franz

Advisor, Germany, Berlin


Sofia Medina

Sofía Medina

Jr. Advisor, Mexico, Mexico-City


Carolina Guerrero

Carolina Guerrero

Advisor, Mexico, Mexico-City