Smart solutions and new business models for the power sector

With the presentation "Blockchain: innovative solution for the 3Ds world", the German-Mexican Energy Partnership participated in the "Digitalization and Solar in Mexico" event, held on 4th September and organized by SolarPower Europe, the Mexican Association of Solar Energy and the "Large Scale Solar Energy" Program of the German-Mexican bilateral cooperation.

Said event had as its main objective presenting the "Digitalization and Solar. Mexico Edition" report. Participants were also able to explore how the digital revolution can change the way solar businesses operate; how smart solutions can help increase the profitability of traditional power plants and how to assess new ways of selling, controlling and gaining revenue from smart solar instalations.

Representatives from private, academic, social and public sectors got the opportunity to exchange views and opinions regarding the new and digitalized solar business models and policy best practices; reducing costs and increasing performance and how to integrate a digital power grid while adressing its inherent risks and opportunities.

At the end of the "Digitalization and Solar in Mexico" event, and evening reception, supported by the German-Mexican Energy Partnership has held.

You can download the "Digitalization and Solar. Mexico Edition" report here.

Nicole Täumel (GIZ) and Aurélie Beauvais (SolarPower Europe)

Attendees to the "Digitalization and Solar in Mexico" event

Ena Gutiérrez (ENEL), Aurélie Beauvais (SolarPower Europe) and Francisco Contreras (GIZ)

Rafael Carmona (Green Momentum) and Cristian Dávila (DAI)

Ángel Reyna (Consultant), Aleithya Morales (Ethos) and Enrique San Juan (ASOLMEX)