“Power Markets” Event with BMWi and SENER

With the participation of the former German State Secretary for Energy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Rainer Baake, and the Mexican Undersecretary for Electricity of the Energy Ministry (SENER), this event focused on Germany’s Energiewende and Mexico´s Energy Reform. The event emphasized the economic rationale, technical challenges and general opportunities for increasing the share of renewables in the power sector. More than 100 participants were provided with insights into the latest power auctions in Germany and Mexico as well as business views on both markets by Siemens and EY.

Impressions from the „Power Markets” event

Former German State Secretary, Rainer Baake, with the team of the Mexican-German energy partnership in front of roll-up of Alianza Energética

The team of the energy partnership, Josche Muth, William Jensen Diaz and Karin Franzen from giz, with former State Secretary Rainer Baake.