Germany and Mexico: strategic partners in the energy sector

Undersecretary Dr. Alberto Montoya (SENER) and Deputy Director General Ursula Borak (BMWi) met on February 21st, 2019 in Paris to discuss the next phase of the German-Mexican Energy Partnership. Not only did they exchange on the current developments and policies in the energy sector in the respective countries, but also raised several cooperation fields that can be concretized during the next High Level Steering Group (HLSG) meeting. Amongst others, Undersecretary Montoya underlined that Mexico is continuously interested in Germany’s experience in the energy field such as technological developments. Mexico welcomes Germany as collaborating partner in strategic topics of the energy sector. Deputy Director Borak confirmed Germany’s commitment to this and emphasized the importance of mutual exchange in areas of common interest. She underlined that the interest is to learn from another helping to advance the energy transitions.

Participants of the Bilateral Meeting between SENER and BMWi.

Ursula Borak, Deputy Director General (BMWi) and Dr. Alberto Montoya, Undersecretary (SENER)