Green Hydrogen: vehicle for decarbonization and its potential in Mexico

In the margins of the virtual forum Energy Innovation Days, organized by Siemens Energy Mexico and El Financiero, from May 11th to 12th, 2021; The German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) participated in the third day of the forum, “The Energy for Tomorrow,” discussing and moderating a panel regarding Mexico’s potential for the production and usage of green hydrogen. The forum functioned as a platform to dialogue and exchange of proposals and inquiries regarding the energy transition between specialists in the energy sector.

On the first day, “Transforming the Present to Ensure the Energy Future,” the general advantages about innovation development and energy transition in Mexico were discussed. Akamitl Quezada, Energy Efficiency and Energy Services expert from the German Energy Agency (dena); Verónica Irastorza, Associate Director of NERA Economic Consulting; Santos Garza Romero, Global Head of Marketing at Siemens Energy; and Régulo Salinas, President of the Concamin Energy Comission, exchanged a deep analysis regarding the situation of the sector.

On the second day, “Leading the Path to a Decarbonized Energy System,” the potential of numerous technologies to face the challenges presented by the adoption of renewable energies were discussed, the need to phase out gradually fossil fuels was highlighted. The participants dialogued the role of innovation in the energy transition.

During the third day, “The Energy for Tomorrow,” the EP presented the progress of the study “Green Hydrogen in Mexico: the potential of the transformation”, jointly financed by the EP and the Energy Transition Support Program in Mexico (TrEM). William Jensen, advisor of the EP emphasized the need for a positive transformation towards sustainable energy supply in Mexico. To achieve the above, the role of hydrogen turns out beneficial as it can work as the main vehicle for decarbonization. With a strategic use of this technology, Mexico has the potential to produce and handle this gas in different processes competitively. However, it is essential to identify and develop capacities that meet the specific needs regarding the implementation of the energy transition considering ecological, social and economic matters.  

Later, in the panel “The energy future of Mexico,” Francisco Contreras talked with energy  sector experts about the role of hydrogen for the energy transformation of Mexico. The panel had the participation of Dieter Femfert, Cryoinfra Mexico Commercial Director; Andreas Eisfelder, Head of New Energy Business Latin America at Siemens Energy; Casiopea Ramírez, Managing Partner of Fresh Energy Consulting; and Israel Hurtado, Founder of the Mexican Hydrogen Association. Mainly, the challenges and opportunities regarding the adoption of green hydrogen in Mexico were discussed.

By participating in the Energy Innovation Days, the EP fosters the dialogue and collaboration between different sectors in order to share innovation tools that allow transforming the energy sector in Mexico.

Watch the full discussion of the third day here

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Contact: Francisco Contreras (francisco.contreras(at)


Casiopea Ramírez (Fresh Energy Consulting); Andreas Eisfelder (Siemens Energy); Israel Hurtado(Mexican Hydrogen Association) and Dieter Femfert (Cryoinfra Mexico)

William Jensen (GIZ)

William Jensen (GIZ) and Francisco Contreras (GIZ)