Energy Sector Innovation: enhancing the global energy transition

On November 28th, 2019, the German Mexican Energy Partnership in collaboration with the Bilateral GIZ Programs "Implementation of the Energy Transition in Mexico" and " Large Scale Solar Energy in Mexico", the Mexican Banks Association and the Inter-American Development Bank hosted the conference “Energy Sector Innovation: digitalization, finance and decentralization".

In said event, experts and representatives from different sectors exchanged views on the latest developments on energy sector digitalization, its impacts on the industry sector and the new energy generation technologies.

The event “Digitalization and decentralization of the Energy Sector” began with the “Decentralization of the Energy Sector: key for development” panel. Discussion went on how digitalization of the energy sector is key for economic growth, digital services impact and how consumers relate to electricity. This panel also provided attendees with a perspective on digital transformation and industry 4.0.

In the “Perspectives on Decentralization: the challenges of integration” panel, experts analyzed how decentralization pressures traditional power systems. Among possible solutions specialists mentioned: system adjustments, foster digital revolution, power company’s regulation and management adjustments. 

Later, in the “Digitalization and Energy Transition: New Technologies” panel, experts talked about the potential use cases of the Blockchain technology, Cybersecurity and Data Protection in a complex energy ecosystem.

During the final panel, entitled “New Models for the Energy Sector: local energy”, experts shared their thoughts and views on new distributed generation technologies and their impact in the configuration of new energy communities.

With this event, the German-Mexican Energy Partnership contributes to the discussion on the latest developments in the Mexican energy sector in order to enhance the global energy transition.

William Jensen (GIZ)

Marco Hüls (Coordinator of the German - Mexican Energy Partnership)

Natalia Escobosa (GIZ), Juan Pablo Robert Sañudo (Enlight) and Víctor F. Ramírez (México Clima y Energía)

Attendees to the Energy Sector Innovation event

Experts from the panel "Digitalization and Energy Transition: New Technologies"