Digitalizing the energy sector at a local level

The Mexican-German Climate Change Alliance and the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) programs participated on October 15, 2021 in the hybrid event "Energy Expo Veracruz 2021" organized by the government of the State of Veracruz through the Ministry of Economic and Ports Development (SEDECOP) and the State Energy Agency of Veracruz (AEEV).

The coordinator of the Climate and Energy Cluster, Philipp Schukat, presented the conference "Strategies and alternatives for a green recovery". Marco Hüls, coordinator of the EP, gave a conference named "Blockchain in the Mexican Energy Sector". Both interventions had the objective of discussing several topics and activities being promoted to enhance the digital transformation, the sustainable development and the energy transition in Mexico and the world.

To emphasize the benefits and opportunities that Blockchain technology has in the Mexican energy sector, the EP coordinator highlighted the transformation trends that the energy sector is facing decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization. Based upon those trends, he pointed out the need to rethink the mechanisms and technology with which the systems are operated, responding to the power grids decentralization. Thus, Blockchain is a strategic and fundamental technology in the energy transition process, since it offers benefits throughout the supply chain to processes automation, decentralization, traceability and trust. Hüls shared that by making use of Blockchain, it is possible to decide how to generate and manage demand by adapting energy consumption.

With its participation in "Energy Expo Veracruz 2021", the EP enhances the cooperation and dialogue among public, private and civil society actors to digitalize the energy sector.


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