Potentials of Green hydrogen in Mexico

To promote the dialogue on green hydrogen, the Energy Alliance between Mexico and Germany (AE) participated in the webinar "Green Hydrogen: the energy future of Mexico" organized on July 29, 2021, by Solar Power Mexico. The objective of the dialogue table was to disseminate the potential that Mexico has for the use and production of green hydrogen.

During the webinar the participation of Israel Hurtado (Executive President of the Mexican Hydrogen Association); Andreas Eisfelder (Director of new energies for Latin America, Siemens Energy); William Jensen Díaz (Adviser for AE by GIZ); and Leonardo Velasco (President of the Mexican Association of the Photovoltaic Industry) who was the moderator of the event.

Through presentations and question rounds, the experts discussed central issues regarding the potential and adoption of green hydrogen in the country. Mainly, the advantages and opportunities of this technology were emphasized by triggering a positive impact because it has great versatility and enables a decarbonization of sectors where it is commonly thought that there is no other alternative to fossil fuels.

Among the topics addressed by William Jensen Díaz (EP), the potential uses of green hydrogen in Mexican industry were highlighted as it has great versatility, both for the public and private sectors. Likewise, the great potential that exists in the northeast of the country was mentioned. Finally, the economic viability for the development of this type of technology in Mexico was addressed this according to the results of a study  that is currently under development by the AE.

On the part of the other participants, there was a dialogue regarding the availability and development of technologies that allow to make the most of this element; the development of a regulatory framework that facilitates its adoption and extension in the various production and consumption processes; the differentiated potentials of the states of Mexico and the potential of Mexico at a regional level that allows the decarbonization of various sectors.


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Contact: William Jensen (william.jensen(at)giz.de)  

William Jensen (GIZ), Leonardo Velasco (President at the Mexican Association of the Photovoltaic Industry), Andreas Eisfelder (Director of New Energies in Latin America at Siemens Energy) and Israel Hurtado (Executive President at the Mexican Association of Hydrogen).

William Jensen (GIZ) explaining the different types of hydrogen

William Jensen (GIZ) explaining the main usages of hydrogen.