New and innovative solutions for the power sector

Over 200 participants from Latin American countries and abroad met during the first IRENA Innovation Day in Montevideo, Uruguay, on July 16 - 17. 

Policy makers, business and start-up representatives, innovators and renewable energy enthusiasts gathered together to exchange views and opinions on today's use of renewable energy and to discuss the role and the importance of innovative solutions for a renewable-powered future: digital technologies, energy storage, e-mobility and prosumer empowerment.

The Energy Partnership secretariat was invited to participate in an expert panel on “Solutions for engaged consumers”. Experts explored digitalization-enabled business models for managing energy demand and providing flexibility – for example through blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT or demand-side management. In reference to the ongoing work on digitalization of the energy sector in the German-Mexican Energy Partnership, the secretariat presented some insights into its latest publication "Blockchain meets Energy". In particular, the importance and possibilities of empowering consumers in the energy transition via digital solutions was highlighted. Panelists included key players from the Ministry of Energy of Argentina, the United States Energy Association (USEA) and the Energy Web Foundation (EWF).

This new series of IRENA events aims to showcase emerging innovations and inspire the broader and faster uptake of innovative solutions that can help deliver a renewable-powered future.

An official press release from IRENA can be found here.

Welcoming remarks, Olga Otegui, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines of Uruguay

Participants of the IRENA Innovation Day 2019

Session 1, Solutions for smart and flexible grids. Pablo Álvarez (Jinko Solar), Alexandra Arias (CIER), Gonzalo Casaravilla (UTE), Rafael Presa (IOTA Foundation), Juan Carrrasco (Fénix Energy) and Fernando Paganini (ORT Uruguay)

Session 4, Solutions for engaged consumers. Johanna Koolemans-Beynen (USEA)

Session 4, Solutions for engaged consumers. Francisco Contreras (German-Mexican Energy Partnership), Santiago Cuccorese (Ministry of Energy of Argentina), Johanna Koolemans-Beynen (USEA), José Horta (Simple Tech), Eduardo Bergerie (UTE) and Douglas Miller (EWF)