Leveraging digitalization - Cybersecurity and Blockchain

With the focus theme "Leveraging digitalization", the German-Mexican Energy Partnership organized two events supporting the dialogue and exchange of ideas between the public, private and academic sectors, on digitalization of the energy sector and its inherent risks and opportunities.

In that sense, the first event "Cybersecurity in the Power Sector" on 13th November, put the focus on the increasing digitalization of the energy sector and the importantance of cybersecurity for both the energy sector and society at large. The Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), the Mexican System Operator (CENACE) and the Energy Partnership jointly organized this discussion forum in which academics, public sector representatives, regulators, as well as companies, debated about the needs and challenges of cybersecurity.

More information, photos and the presentations from the "Cybersecurity" experts can be found here.

The second event on 14th and 15th November "Blockchain meets Energy", shed light on possible and already implemented blockchain applications. Practical cases from Estonia, Australia, Chile or Germany enriched the debate. The two-day event was organized by CRE, the German-Mexican Energy Partnership, DKTI Solar and the GIZ Blockchain Lab. 

More information, photos and the presentations for the "Blockchain" experts can be downloaded here.