Technology and Innovation: paving the future of the Mexican energy sector

Everyday, new and innovative digital and technological applications and solutions emerge with the sole purpose of radically transforming the reality of the energy sector around the world. This situation responds to the intense processes of integration of renewable energies, the growing demand for energy and the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

To contribute to the transformation of the energy sector, the German - Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) consulted experts from the energy, digitalization and disruptive technologies sectors, in particular Blockchain, to determine the problems that the latter could solve. As a result, three possible use cases for said technology have been identified: decentralized CEL markets, contract registrations and automation, and decentralized energy markets in the industrial sector.

As a consequence, the EP and Siemens Energy Mexico are organizing the first edition of the Blockchain and Energy Transformation Challenge, an open platform to find the best ideas, innovative solutions and business models, based on Blockchain, to address the aforementioned use cases and to pave the future of the Mexican energy sector.

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