Strengthening the energy sector: private sector dialogues between Mexico and Germany

From February 17th to the 18th, 2021, the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Republic of Germany (BMWi), the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mexico, the Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMEXA) and the German – Mexican Partnership virtually held the third session of the Local Business Council - German Chapter, seeking to connect the energy industry of the Mexican private sector with the energy industry in Germany.                                                           

On the first day, various representatives from different private organizations of the energy sector in Mexico, participated in an important dialogue session dedicated to the analysis and strengthening of energy policy, and the advancement on the best practices and experiences exchange regarding energy transition and energy efficiency in the industry. The German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi) directed the attention to schemes and instruments for projects that work with hydrogen and on behalf of the Energy Partnership, the first findings of the ongoing specialized study, in collaboration with HINICIO, denominated “Green Hydrogen Diagnostic for Mexico” were presented.

During the second day of activities, a virtual live tour in two distributed generation solar plants developed by the German company Goldbeck Solar in the states of San Luis Potosi and Queretaro in Mexico, was held. The event began with a brief general presentation of the company and its strengths. Afterwards, the company’s technical team live-streamed the implemented project of the solar plants in Mexico. It was emphasized that the construction of solar plants near industrial zones has great benefits and represents a new concept that Goldbeck Solar wants to promote. These open field solar plants are an example of a success story in the Mexican energy sector that portrays the efforts being made to promote renewable energy initiatives and the global energy transition.

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Contact: Marco Hüls (marco.huels(at)

Alexander Foeth (Goldbeck Solar)

Farhanja Wahabzada (GIZ)

José Aparicio (Siemens Energy Mexico)