Green hydrogen potentials towards cooperation between Mexico and Germany

On September 24th, 2021, on the margins of the XXI International Congress of the Mexican Hydrogen Society, the secretariat of the German-Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) participated in the second session of the day with a presentation entitled “Green Hydrogen-Bridge between Germany and Mexico ". 

Representing the EP secretariat, William Jensen-Díaz highlighted the importance of international cooperation to strengthen the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Later, he presented some of the activities that the GIZ in Mexico is doing to enhance a sustainable development. Under this context, he released key findings of the study "Green Hydrogen in Mexico: The potential of transformation" developed by the consultancy Hinicio as part of the activities of the programs of the GIZ in Mexico, Energy Transition Support Program in Mexico (TrEM) and the EP. 

Primarily, Jensen pointed out that, due to the versatility of the element, the adoption of this technology in several industries can lead to social and economic co-benefits that allow the use of renewable energies to strengthen a just and orderly energy transition. In this sense green hydrogen is an opportunity, for both Mexico and Germany, in terms of cooperation to promote. 

The participation of the EP’s secretariat in the congress favors the exchange of knowledge with the academic sector in Mexico to work and jointly enhance the global energy transition.


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Contact: William Jensen (william.jensen(at)

William Jensen-Díaz (GIZ) presenting the potential of green hydrogen

William Jensen-Díaz (GIZ) presenting five key findings

William Jensen-Díaz (GIZ) presenting the impacts on the environment of adopting green hydrogen

William Jensen-Díaz (GIZ) presenting the relevance of hydrogen for mobility

William Jensen-Díaz (GIZ) presenting the green hydrogen potential in Mexico