Energy Partnership at BETD2018

The German Federal Government organises each year the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD), which is a platform for debating and exchanging points of view on global trends of the energy transition, among high-level representatives from government, industry, academia and civil society. The Energy Partnership facilitated the participation of Mexico in the BETD 2018 in coordination with the DKTI-Solar programme of the GIZ in Mexico. Mr. Efraín Villanueva, Director General for Clean Energies of SENER, led the Mexican delegation. Mr Villanueva presented on the panel "Structural Changes", the recent developments in Mexico about the deployment of clean energy technologies and the new business opportunities due to the Energy Reform.

Agora Energiewende, a specialised think-tank, organised an official BETD side event on the Mexican Energy Reform in the light of the 2018 elections. Mr. Efraín Villanueva and Dr. Adrián Fernández of Iniciativa Climática México (a think-tank) discussed the implications of the elections in the energy sector and the regulatory framework of the energy reform.

High-level representatives at the BETD2018.

Inauguration of the BETD2018.

Panel "Structural Changes" at the BETD2018.

Mr. Villanueva at the panel "Structural Changes".