Online conference: "Energy and Innovation: Blockchain in the energy transition"

Energy and Innovation: Blockchain in the Energy Transition
29 April, 2020
Virtual Conference

The global market for Blockchain technology is rapidly rising, forecasting an approximate value of 23.3 billion US dollars by 2023. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology drawing attention from governments, start-ups, utilities, academia and civil society organizations, since it offers interesting possibilities for new business models, innovative solutions and applications across different sectors, such as: energy, governance, health and labour markets.

The German - Mexican Energy Partnership (EP), works with organizations and institutions from the public and private sectors of both countries, to identify use cases for “smart” technologies, such as Blockchain, in the energy sector. This identification process considers the quick transition from a centralized, fossil fuel-based system to a decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization (3D’s) paradigm.

To contribute to the development of a digitalized energy sector, the EP organized the virtual conference "Blockchain in the Energy Transition". Experts from the energy, Blockchain and digitalization sectors discussed the preliminary results of the specialized study “Blockchain in the Mexican Energy Sector”, providing analysis on potential uses cases of said technology for the energy sector and for the energy transition in general.

  • KMPG & Energy Partnership_Energy and Innovation

  • Karla Cedano_Energy and Digitalization

  • Francis Pérez_Energy Sector Digitalization

  • Emma Díaz_Digitalization

  • Doug Miller_Blockchain in the Energy Transition