Information and Transparency in Extractive Industries

In order to exchange experiences and best-practices regarding the implementation of the requirements of the global “Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative” (EITI) and to participate at the 40th EITI Board Meeting in Berlin, a delegation of Mexico’s Multi-Stakeholder-Group (MSG) went to Germany from 25th to 29th June.

The delegation of the Mexican MSG was composed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (SE), Ministry of Finance (SHCP), Ministry of Energy (SENER) for the public sector, the Mexican Chamber of Mining Industry (CAMIMEX), the Mexican Association of Hydrocarbons Industry (AMEXHI) for the private sector and for the civil society of representatives of Poder and Transparencia Mexicana.

Before participating at the 40th EITI Board Meeting from 27th – 29th June, the German-Mexican Energy Partnership had organized a number of meetings with all three sectors of the German MSG.

On Monday, 25th June, discussions about the process of implementation were held with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Given the comparable nature of Germany and Mexico in terms of both being federal states, particular emphasis was given to the competencies of and relation between the federal and the states’ levels.

In a subsequent meeting with the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) and the Wintershall Holding GmbH the interplay between the various actors and benefits for the private sector of forming part of the EITI reporting was discussed.

The exchange with Transparency International Deutschland as representative of the civil society of the German MSG on Tuesday, 26th June focused much on both the main concerns of the civil society in the implementation of the D-EITI and the inclusion of social, environmental and federal states’ dimensions in both countries in the complex implementation process.

The Secretariat of D-EITI outlined in the following meeting its role as coordination and support facility, supporting the Federal Government and stakeholders from the business and civil society sectors with content and organization, helping to ensure the successful implementation of the EITI in Germany. It furthermore provided insights on its work in public relations and communication.

Founded in 2003, EITI had its first origins as part of the 2002 Sustainability Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is based on close cooperation between governments, companies and civil societies in more than 50 countries. These countries disclose information on tax payments, licenses, quantities extracted and other important data about the extraction of oil, gas and mineral resources.

The German Federal Government lodged an EITI candidature application in December 2015 being accepted as a candidate by the International EITI Board in February 2016. Currently, Germany’s First D-EITI report is being validated until January 2019.

The Mexican Government had confirmed its intention to join the EITI in January 2015. The EITI Board has approved Mexico’s EITI candidature application at the Board meeting in Manila in October 2017.

BMWi welcomes EITI-MX Delegation.

Discussion at BMWi about country objectives.

Exchange with DIHK & Wintershall about role of private sector in EITI.

Discussion with Transparency Germany about key concerns of civil society in both Germany and Mexico.

Meeting with D-EITI Secretariat about coordination and communication.

40th EITI International Board Meeting.

Graphic Recording of 40th EITI International Board Meeting.

BMWi Side-Meeting for new implementing EITI countries from Latin America.