Energy Partnership at Hannover Fair 2018

As the first Latin American country, Mexico was the 2018 partner country at one of the worlds’ largest trade fairs: Hannover Messe.

An important reason for the German-Mexican Energy Partnership to be present throughout the entire week, supporting or participating at various events.

On Monday, 23rd April the publication “Mexico’s New Energy Era – From Framework Fundamentals to Power Sector Focus”, was officially presented at “Life Needs Power”, the energy forum at Hannover Fair 2018. After the Mexican energy minister Pedro Joaquín Coldwell (SENER) had outlined Mexico’s profound energy sector reform, emphasizing the importance of the changes and the new possibilities for the private sector, the Energy Partnership secretariat presented framework fundamentals of Mexico’s new energy market and the specifics of the power sector.

At the pavilion of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Director General for Energy of the BMWi, Thorsten Herdan, and the CEO of the Mexican Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), Jaime Hernández, met on 24th April in order to discuss important matters from market liberalization to power sector transformation. At the same time, the importance of a continuous dialogue between both countries and the advantages of a bilateral energy partnership were mentioned.

What are doing both Germany and Mexico in order to boost energy efficiency in the industry? A panel debate, organized by SENER at Mexico’s country pavilion on Wednesday, 25th April, was centered around this question. Odon de Buen, Director of Mexico’ National Energy Efficiency Agency (CONUEE), the Vice-President of Siemens Energy Mexico, Alejandro Preinfalk, and Josche Muth, Coordinator of the German-Mexican Energy Partnership mentioned various successful instruments, including energy efficiency networks, and agreed that mutual learning both within industrial sectors and between countries is key.

Integrated energy was not only one of the themes of the Hannover Fair 2018, but as well the focus of one of the principal energy fora. On 25th April, a debate about “Mexico’s New Energy World” took place, ranging from explaining Mexico’s constitutional reform in 2013 to the new investment opportunities in the solar sector and to the need for new infrastructure and power system flexibility. Additionally, some companies presented their experiences in the Mexican market.


Secretary of Energy (SENER) Joaquín Coldwell at "Life Needs Power" on 23.04.

Hannover Messe "Life Needs Power": Mexico’s Energy Reform Event.

Josche Muth of the German-Mexican Energy Partnership at "Life Needs Power".

Mexico's Energy Reform event on 24.04. at BMWi's Pavilion. Jaime Hernández, CEO of CFE, and Thorsten Herdan, Director General at BMWi.

Event on energy efficiency in the industry at Mexico's National Pavilion on 25.04.

On 25.04. "Integrated Energy Plaza" event about the Mexican Energy Sector. From left to right: Andreas Müller (CAMEXA), Ragnar Gerig (DEG), Josche Muth (GIZ), and Paulina Coronel (SENER).