Subnational level dialogue: Enhancing cooperation in the energy sector

Aiming to the expansion and strengthening of new channels of communication and cooperation in the energy sector, the German – Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) carried out different activities, including meetings and conferences, with subnational authorities and organizations from different Mexican states.


Together with the project “Enhancing the coherence of climate and energy policies in Mexico” (CONECC) of the GIZ in Mexico, the EP visited Villahermosa, Tabasco on February 11 and 12, 2020 to discuss with the local government various opportunities for cooperation. The meeting was led by the Ministries of Economic Development and Competitiveness (SEDEC) and Energy Development (SEDENER). Among the cooperation topics addressed were the energy transition and renewable energy plans being promoted by the government of Tabasco, as well as the linkage with the entity's energy cluster. An exchange of ideas was held to promote a dialogue on best practices in energy efficiency and policies to fight against climate change.


Progress with the state of Puebla in the organization of an Energy Transition Forum at the sub-national level, is being made. The event will take place virtually in the last quarter of 2020. The Forum will include a series of webinars on the role of sub-national governments in the energy transition and their contributions to the fight against climate change. Within the framework of these webinars, training will be promoted on policies and technologies that can be implemented at the subnational level in Mexico to meet climate and clean energy generation goals.

Representatives from the government of Tabasco and representatives from GIZ in Mexico.

Participants of the conference: Energy Transition and Climate Change.